Emotional quotes

emotion quotes

Emotion which does not lead to and flow out in right action is not only useless, but it weakens character, and becomes an excuse for neglect of effort.
Emotional intelligence is self awareness to recognize our feelings.
People with greater awareness of their feelings tend to have better control over their lives.
The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity.

We should seize every opportunity to give encouragement. 
Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.
All is well that ends well.
What cannot be cured must be endured.

He conquers who endures.

Fear and ignorance arepo the greatest enemies of man. They create each other.
Am I not destroying my enemies after I build friends of them?
Observe your enemies for the 1st resolve your faults.

Life is caught up in storms so often
All concepts, ideals, devotion, love, even meditation don’t help.
The mind is like a burning furnace
A whirlwind throws you off and even when the storm has subsided
The memory torments us even more
You are not yourself in a storm
You are yourself only in between storms…

Every event touches life on the surface and creates ripples
Take with both your hands all that comes
Don’t resist anything.
By surrendering to it completely, you outgrow it
This is crucifixation,
The pain is excruciating, but it cannot destroy me
I am larger than the event.

Every storm expands the horizon of our awareness,
makes us deep and more powerful
It pulls us out of our likes and dislikes
And destroys the pettiness that is limiting us
But if we are knowledgeable, we laugh..
Know your infinite nature and you are

When a storm arises, just be with it
Your looking for perfection creates
 imperfection within you
peace comes from within
you are the centre of the universe
why are you looking outside?




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