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education quotes

Education doesn't mean teaching individuals to grasp what they are doing not know; it means that teaching them to behave as they are doing not behave.
Education consists, not such a lot of information, however of information effectively and persistently applied.
We want education by that character is made, strength of mind is exaggerated, the intellect is distended and by that one will stand on one’s own feet.
Education could be a companion that no misfortune will depress, no crime will destroy, no enemy will alienate, no despotism will subjugate.
The roots of education are bitter, however the fruits are sweet.
Education within the past has been an excessive amount of inspiration and insufficient data.
A human being isn't, in any correct sense, a person's being until he's educated.
There can be only a single goal of education and that is education to courage.
In fact, education and successful people in any profession who admit ignorance are generally the most expert and trustworthy.
Education must be education toward the ability to decide.
The primary purpose of education should be to help person gain the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to meet life needs.
Among all types of charities, such as of good water, food, cows, lands, clothes, gold, etc, a charity, donation or grant for the spread of education is superior to all other forms of charities.
The education that does not help the common mass of people to equip themselves for the struggle for life, which does not bring the strength of character, a spirit of Philanthropy and the courage of a  lion – is it worth the name?
The greatest tragedy of education is that most teachers know their subjects, but they don’t know their students.
Education prepares to live but not merely enables to earn and living.
Only the innocent say that education is not necessary.



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