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Sankranti Quotes

May this auspicious festival of Sankranti showers in your life      Prosperity, wealth and happiness....Happy sankranti.
Wheat crop is ready for harvest, time to rejoice and feel nice.
 Fruits to reap of blood and sweat, and get celebrate
      life...Happy pongal

Enjoy the spirit of pongal and make the day wonderful    Happy Pongal.

 On this pongal festival occation, wishing that this day is filled with full of sweet  surprises...Happy sankranti.

A very happy and prosperousMakara Sankranti.

 May the Sun Radiate, Peace, Prosperity & Happiness in your life on Makara Sankranti and always.

A beautiful, bright and delighted day, sun entered Makara to intese the ray. Crop harvested to cheer the smiles, Come along and revel in the life.  A very happy and prosperousMakara Sankranti.

Opportunity Quotes

Opportunities are like sunrise if you wait too long, you miss them. Right now is the best time to create your tomorrow.
Everything starts with a sunrise but it’s what we do before it sets that matters.
A new day is dawning giving you another chance to make a difference in the world

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