About Sunrise and Rays

Sunriseusually represents a new life or hope, whereas sunset often symbolizes a life that is about to end or the ephemerality of existence.
 The Sun likewise addresses inventive capacity and the force of the person to meet the difficulties of regular day to day existence. Sun gives us vitality and the power of resistance and immunity. It is responsible for our physical make up the body's constitution. The sun gives life force, the power of will, brilliance, intelligence, cheerfulness,prosperity, fortune, wisdom and the knowledge of medicine.
As the Sun advances light, so it delivers life. This planet  speaks to the self, one's identity and sense of self, the soul and what it is that makes the individual interesting. It is our character and our face to the world.
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Enthusiasm Quotes

Enthusiasm may be a very important part towards the individual success of each man and women. Enthusiasm is contagious. Come with avid folks. Don’t be content with mediocre achievements. No matter work you are doing, love wholeheartedly. If you'll be able to provide your kids just one gift, let or not it's enthusiasm. You can do something if you've got enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for your work and discipline to try and do it's indivisible for excellent success in your life. Enthusiasm is that the inspiration of everything nice. While not it no man is to be feared, and with it none detected.
No virtue is safe that's not avid.

Fault Quotes

Better one fault in yourself than a hundred in your neighbour.

Don’t find fault, find a remedy. Publish not the men’s secret faults, it does not make yourself repute. Let me be a little kinder, let me be a little blinder to the faults of those around me. We only confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones. Whoever-thinks a faultless piece to see, think what never was, nor is, nor ever shall be? Do not think about your fault; still less of others’ fault. explore for what's smart and powerful and check out to imitate it. Your faults can drop off like dead leaves once their time comes.
Nothing would be done in any respect if we have a tendency to waited till we have a tendency to may bed is well that nobody may criticize with it.

Excellence Quotes

What we over and over do is perfection; it is not a demonstration but rather a propensity. There must be exertion before there is magnificence. Magnificence is any interest is the late, ready product of work. Brilliance is not ability. It is a state of mind. Brilliance is seldom discovered, all the more infrequently esteemed. Greatness requests that you be superior to yourself. All things great are as troublesome as they are uncommon. Genuine magnificence and lowliness are not incomputable one with the other, unexpectedly they are twin sisters.
Greatness is a craftsmanship won via preparing and habituation. We don't act properly on the grounds that we have ethicalness or brilliance; rather, we have those in light of the fact that we have acted appropriately; we are that we more than once do. Brilliance, then, is not a demonstration but rather a propensity. Magnificence comes accordingly of focus. Make progress toward magnificence, not flawlessness. All the better we can do is survey the od…

Emotional quotes

Emotion which does not lead to and flow out in right action is not only useless, but it weakens character, and becomes an excuse for neglect of effort. Emotional intelligence is self awareness to recognize our feelings. People with greater awareness of their feelings tend to have better control over their lives. The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity.
We should seize every opportunity to give encouragement.  Encouragement is oxygen to the soul. All is well that ends well. What cannot be cured must be endured.
He conquers who endures.
Fear and ignorance arepo the greatest enemies of man. They create each other. Am I not destroying my enemies after I build friends of them? Observe your enemies for the 1st resolve your faults.
Life is caught up in storms so often All concepts, ideals, devotion, love, even meditation don’t help. The mind is like a burning furnace A whirlwind throws you off and even when the storm has subsided The memory torments us even more You ar…

Education Quotes

Education doesn't mean teaching individuals to grasp what they are doing not know; it means that teaching them to behave as they are doing not behave. Education consists, not such a lot of information, however of information effectively and persistently applied. We want education by that character is made, strength of mind is exaggerated, the intellect is distended and by that one will stand on one’s own feet. Education could be a companion that no misfortune will depress, no crime will destroy, no enemy will alienate, no despotism will subjugate. The roots of education are bitter, however the fruits are sweet. Education within the past has been an excessive amount of inspiration and insufficient data. A human being isn't, in any correct sense, a person's being until he's educated. There can be only a single goal of education and that is education to courage. In fact, education and successful people in any profession who admit ignorance are generally the most expert and trustw…



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